6 months

Where has it gone?

Was it not only yesterday that you were swaddled in a towel and handed

to me? Two big, blue eyes staring into mine

for the first time.

And I stared back, in wonder and fear;

for I’d been waiting for this moment for almost a year

and didn’t really know

what to think

or how to feel.


Suddenly it all became real; you transformed from a wish and a dream into

an actual baby, a small human being with needs

and a voice with which to express them.


And so began our journey to knowing one another.

The ritual of changes (who knew there would be so many!) and endless feeds:

days rolling into nights as I held you

tight to my breast,

neither of us really knowing what we are doing…


And where is he now, that tiny babe, whose days

were spent suckling and sleeping through the haze of those long summer months?

How can it be that now, instead, it’s noise and motion which fills

our hours?

Shouts and giggles the soundtrack to afternoons spent mastering the skills

of rolling and sitting and throwing spoons

laden with foods

I have prepared, knowing they are destined for the floor.


You know me better now, and I you:

the way you grip my necklace like an anchor, mooring you

to me.

Your leg, tapping out the tea-time rhythm.

And our song – the one we sing together.


Six months from now, there will be another song

and cake, and maybe


But for now, let me keep you my baby a little longer.

These days too will soon be gone.