Hello little rainbow!

He’s here!


On Saturday 30th July 2016, at 22:51, Leo John Burdett was born. After a stressful couple of weeks, during which Tom and I spent more hours than we’d care to mention sat in the Delivery Suite waiting room, our rainbow boy made his appearance (with a little help from the maternity staff at the N&N).

His arrival had been scheduled for 3rd August, however frequent bouts of reduce movement coupled with my rocketing blood pressure meant the induction was brought forward five days. Just over 36 hours after we arrived at the hospital, Leo was born. If you want all the gory details of the labour and delivery then check out my post Labour of Love (apologies Mum for the use of profanities!)



We decided to name him Leo primarily because it was one of the few names Tom and I could both agree on. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was less than keen on Tom’s suggestion of ‘D’Shawn’ and similarly uninspired by his insistence on naming our second son ‘Thomas’. I know that in days gone by it was customary to name offspring (particularly sons) after their fathers, but to my mind this tradition has no place real in the 21st century. As I repeatedly pointed out – with increasing exasperation – to my husband, what if our child didn’t want to share his name with his father? For all we know, fifteen years from now Tom may be estranged from his child, having shacked up with a twenty three year old accounts executive called Misha. Such an act would no doubt result in our son – fuelled with resentment at this blatant disrespect for his beloved mother – not wishing to be in any way associated with his father, rendering the sharing of a name a source of frustration and anger.
Or, perhaps less dramatically, it would be a right ball-ache having two Toms in the house – who would come/listen when I called? Wouldn’t the post get confusing? So Thomas was vetoed.
Leo is apt; not only is it his star sign (if you go in for all that Mystic Meg crap) but it is also a good ‘strong’ name, taken from the Latin for lion, and has connotations of bravery, which is very apt given how terrified Tom and I both were throughout this whole pregnancy.
John is a family name, both my Grandad and Tom’s Dad are called John. Findlay’s middle name is Eric after two great-grandfathers, so it seemed fitting that Leo should also take a family name for his middle.
After all the stress and anxiety and heartache of the past 12 months, we can hardly believe he is here. Suffice to say we are absolutely smitten.
Welcome to the world little boy!